Trusts & Foundations

We need trusts and foundations.

People in detention face tremendous barriers to justice, healthcare, and support in centres with long-standing records of inhuman and degrading treatment. These major failures are all made worse by the lack of a statutory time-limit on detention. 

Without support from immigration organisations like ourselves, people in detention would largely be left to navigate the UK’s complex and inhumane immigration system alone. 

It is thanks to grants from trusts and foundations that fund over ⅔ of our organisation that we are able to continue doing this work.

We are a trusted partner.

We have been a leading organisation in the immigration detention support and reform sector for over 30 years. 

We are a forward-looking organisation committed to learning from our past experiences. If you partner with us, we are clear about the effectiveness and impact of our work. We use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the outcomes and success of our projects. 

We know immigration detention is a complicated issue we can’t fix alone. We believe in collaboration in all aspects of our work. We are active participants and leaders in immigration organisation networks across the sector.

We put lived experience at the heart of our work

Detention centres are hidden places in society. We are committed to making sure the voices of the people inside are not left unheard. 

As an organisation, we are constantly learning from the experiences of the people we support. We let their stories guide our next steps. 

We facilitate two lived experience groups who define the change we want to see in the UK immigration system and play integral roles in directing our larger advocacy and campaigning efforts.

If you want to help end indefinite detention and provide support to those suffering in detention, please make a donation or contact us.

Thank you to our generous current funders, who include:

Trust for London | Good Finance

Paul Hamlyn Foundation supports Cultural Educators – Curious Minds

The A B Charitable Trust, an independent grant-making organisation

Our Supporters — StandOut

Barrow Cadbury Trust 🧡 (@BarrowCadbury) / X

Communications about our funding | Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Joseph Rowntree Foundation Website - Bucks Data Exchange