A human tragedy is unfolding in immigration detention centres – why has nothing changed?

June 28, 2019

By Bella Sankey, Director of Detention Action

A year ago, Sajid Javid promised to consider ending indefinite immigration detention – so why has nothing changed?

Meanwhile a human tragedy is unfolding in the immigration detention centres he’s responsible for – our team at Detention Action sees it every day.

That’s why we’re sending him an open letter and asking as many people as possible to sign it. The more of us who sign it, the more pressure he will be under to act.

URGENT: Sign the open letter to Sajid Javid

Urgent – Torture and human trafficking survivors, LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and many more locked up with no time limit.

Challenge Sajid Javid on his disastrous indefinite detention policy.

Yes, add my name

25,000 migrants are locked up with no time limit every year in this country.

Torture and trafficking survivors are locked up when they should be protected. LGBTQI+ asylum seekers are locked up after fleeing persecution. Long-term British residents are thrown into detention after living here most of their lives. And so many more.

These are the people we’re fighting for. This is the system we’re fighting to end. 

Let’s make sure Sajid Javid hears from us all now.

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