Tell you future MP it’s #Time4aTimeLimit

With the general election fast approaching it’s crucial we keep the pressure on decision-makers (and potential, wannabe decision-makers) to make sure they commit to the recommendations set out in the Parliamentary Inquiry on Detention’s report if elected – namely, that any new government introduces a time-limit on immigration detention.

So…what can you do?


In co-ordination with the Detention Forum, we’ve helped develop a brand new webtool which allows you to contact all of your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) ahead of the general election, asking them to get behind the campaign and to commit to ending indefinite detention if they are elected.

In a few simple clicks you can send an email demanding detention reform to all your parliamentary candidates. We’ve provided the template text but you are free to alter it as you wish. All you have to do is go to and enter your details.

And please do send us any responses you get to!

Other #Time4aTimeLimit actions

1) If you’re a Twitter user, you can tweet your respective/prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) asking if they support the #Time4aTimeLimit campaign. (You can find your PPCs and their Twitter handles, here).

2) If you’re a Twitter user you can also spread the word about the fight to end indefinite detention by re-tweeting the #Time4aTimeLimit campaign hashtag whenever, and wherever, you can. And if you haven’t done so already then download a #Time4aTimeLimit poster and tweet the image along with the #Time4aTimeLimit hashtag.

3) Search for a General Election 2015 hustings in your local area and go and ask the candidates if they support the Detention Inquiry recommendations and an end to indefinite detention in the UK. You can read our briefing to help you prepare.

4) If you prefer letter-writing to sending an email, you can find a sample letter to send to your election candidates here, and you can find our their contact details at