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Briefing – The Illegal Migration Bill & the Expansion of Detention

/ March 21, 2023

This Government is using its latest Anti-Refugee Bill to hand over sweeping and dangerous new powers to the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman.

You can read our briefing on the “Illegal Migration Bill” here.

Braverman’s Bill, which is being rushed through Parliament without the normal level of scrutiny and debate, would:

  • Block people from seeking asylum in the UK, preventing them from rebuilding their lives and reuniting with family
  • Detain tens of thousands more people indefinitely, in even more harmful conditions and for a minimum of 28 days
  • Deny people the right to challenge their detention, even if it is unlawful

Braverman’s Bill would lead to the detention of people at greater risk of harm, including children, pregnant women and survivors of torture, trafficking and Modern Slavery. The consequences of this would be a drastic increase in mental health problems among those detained, including depression, PTSD and attempted suicide, as well as a greater risk of systemic abuse and neglect.

The Bill would also demand the construction of massive new detention centres across the country, predominantly on former military bases in rural communities.

We are calling on MPs to stand against Braverman’s Bill. To support those who do, we have produced this new briefing on the Illegal Migration Bill, highlighting how, if passed, it would drastically expand the UK’s immigration detention system, making it more harmful and more dangerous.

You can read our briefing on the “Illegal Migration Bill” here.

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