#UnlockTheDebate – what would you say in the parliamentary debate on detention?


On the 10th September, the House of Commons will host the first full parliamentary debate on the detention inquiry report since its release in March 2015.

EUmQBo1439569140We’re determined that this won’t just be another isolated discussion about the UK’s detention estate, but part of a much larger story of change which began with the Detention Inquiry last year. So we are joining forces with Right to Remain and the rest of the Detention Forum to host #UnlockTheDebate – an alternative on-line debate on the detention inquiry report recommendations set to run from the 1st September to 10th September.

Get involved!

  • Think about what YOU would say if you were present in the parliamentary debate and share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #UnlockTheDebate. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some handy prompts: Why do we need detention reform and why now? Is it right that the Government keep on insisting that the Shaw Review is the answer to the detention inquiry recommendations? Is the government correct to say that there is no such thing as indefinite detention in the UK because of Hardial Singh principle?
  • Even better, make a short video and share it on Twitter from the 1st September with the #UnlocktheDebate hashtag or email it to us (ben@detentionaction.org.uk) / (lisa@righttoremain.org.uk) and we’ll stick it up!  Making a video on a smart phone is very quick and easy to do.  Watch this delightful intro video from Lisa from Right to Remain here to find out more.