The treatment of people that the British government wants to deport is among the harshest in the world. The UK is the only country in the European Union that imprisons people for years with no time limit in immigration detention centres.

Detention Action believes that this is one of the most important civil liberties issues in the UK today.  We are campaigning for an end to this unfair, disproportionate and unnecessary loss of liberty.

Defend the right to love

The right to family life for migrants will be brought to an end by the new Immigration Bill. This will separate families and forcibly deport people who have learnt to walk in the UK. Read our briefing and write to your MP asking them to vote against the changes in the Bill.

Stop legal aid cuts

The effects of the cuts will be grave. More refugees will be wrongly deported back to their torturers.   People will be detained indefinitely without ever seeing a court.  People’s rights will be violated without challenge.  Take action now. Read our briefing and respond to the government’s consultation telling them to abandon these unworkable and unjust cuts.

End Indefinite Detention

Watch and share our  short video of William’s story about being detained for over 3 years. And join our campaign to end indefinite detention and take action by writing to your MP to call on the government to introduce a time limit on detention.

End the Detained Fast Track

Detained Fast Track is unfair and unnecessary and may lead to people with good claims for asylum being refused protection. We are challenging the Detained Fast Track in the High Court so that we can end this injustice. We need to raise £10,000 in total to take this case forward and to support our campaign. Join us on the London Legal Walk –  we’ll all be walking together and raising money together. Let us know if you’d like to join the walk at and please sponsor our team generously to fight for justice for detained asylum seekers.