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#BeyondDetention: Freed Voices & UNHCR Global Detention Strategy

“The truth is that we, the migrants, have become leverage […]

Integration: A debate or a diktat?

 “Right now, there is a big  conversation about  integration in […]

High Court rules asylum-seekers denied justice in detention for 10 years.

  The High Court has today  found that asylum-seekers  were being […]

Of rights and dignity in detention: The new powers under the Investigatory Powers Act 2016

The Investigatory Powers Act has just become law. How will […]

#Unlocked16 Reflection Special

This article was first published on the Unlocking Detention website. To […]

Two deaths, one week

At Detention Action we were saddened to learn that in one […]

No shirking: hold the government accountable for promises they made to overhaul the UK’s detention system

The people demanded radical change. The Detention Inquiry and the […]

From inside Colnbrook: my drawing is my feeling

Jay has been detained in Colnbrook for 3 months. This […]

Julio y amigos: The impact of detention on the Latin American community in the UK

This piece originally appeared on Unlocking Detention blog as part […]

How detention split me and my brother in half

This year, the Unlocking Detention blog is particularly focusing on […]