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Rebalancing the scales after ‘deport first, appeal later’

Imagine moving to the UK as a young man. You […]

Working in detention: Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Wilson of the Freed Voices group was held in detention […]

Detention on trial

What happens when indefinite detention goes on trial in the court […]

#RefugeeWeek: surviving indefinite detention

One of the central themes of #RefugeeWeek this year is […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: Five Guys

Reflections on indefinite detention are often framed in the singular, […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: Freed Voices on the general election

Brexit. The refugee ‘crisis’. Integration. There is little doubt that […]

Why is so much art about the ‘refugee crisis’ so bad?

Even at a celebrity art gala you can don an […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: The difference between prison and detention

This piece was written by Sam from the Freed Voices […]

General Election 2017, #Time4aTimeLimit

‘Being locked up in detention in the UK is like […]

Return of the Fast Track?

Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, announced proposals to introduce a fast […]