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Detention Action and Freed Voices welcome Labour commitment to end indefinite detention

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has today outlined the “fair […]

The future of bail addresses in doubt

Two weeks ago, the Home Office quietly abolished the system […]

What do migrants think of immigration policy?

Our Director, Jerome Phelps, reflects on migrant responses to The […]

Home Office policy on indefinite detention: burning money

Earlier this week, (in an unlikely turn of events), the […]

A Matter of Routine: experts-by-experience call on MPs to end indefinite detention

NGOs, experts and parliamentarians come together at the launch of […]

RSVP NOW! 19th January: ‘Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Detention But Were Too Afraid To Ask’ feat. The Claim

Join us on the 19th January for an evening of […]

SAVE THE DATE: 27th January, Holocaust Memorial Concert

We’re very excited about Jacqueline Cole’s forthcoming piano recital to […]

Putting stock Home Office statements in the stocks

New Freed Voices member, John P.*, was recently released after ten months […]

Ten years on: reflections on a decade working on the injustice of detention

Immigration detention and the detention estate can sometimes appear permanent […]

Walls of resistance

This piece is written for Unlocking Detention by ‘Jose’ of […]

Trafficked into detention

Trafficked people in detention are being denied the full protection […]

Trafficked into detention: new research from Detention Action

Trafficked people in detention are being denied the full protection […]

Detained Fast Track Litigation Case Study: Using the Law for Social Change

Research published today by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research […]

Parliamentary meeting on immigration detention on 16 November – is your MP attending?

Next week, on the 16th November, the APPG on Migration […]

Guantanamo Bay, a tube ride away

Last week, Jose from the Freed Voices group joined a […]

‘The Seamed Zones’

Last week, I delivered a speech alongside Michael from the Freed […]

“We need it now. People are dying.” Freed Voices lobbying for #Time4aTimeLimit

Last week, Mishka from Freed Voices joined campaigners Fred Ashmore […]

Verne closes, Shaw looms

This blog was written by Jerome Phelps, Director of Detention […]

Panorama, Freed Voices and another death in detention

Last week, BBC Panorama revealed assault and abuse of migrants detained at […]

Abuse in Brook House: Freed Voices open letter

We are Freed Voices. Together we have lost over 20 […]

Shaw II: The chance to right some wrongs

By Joe, Freed Voices The fact that the Home Office […]

Detention statistics: the government fails to deliver its promise of reform

“Indefinite detention makes you lose your mind, your head. I […]

Rebalancing the scales after ‘deport first, appeal later’

Imagine moving to the UK as a young man. You […]

Working in detention: Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Wilson of the Freed Voices group was held in detention […]

Detention on trial

What happens when indefinite detention goes on trial in the court […]

#RefugeeWeek: surviving indefinite detention

One of the central themes of #RefugeeWeek this year is […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: Five Guys

Reflections on indefinite detention are often framed in the singular, […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: Freed Voices on the general election

Brexit. The refugee ‘crisis’. Integration. There is little doubt that […]

Why is so much art about the ‘refugee crisis’ so bad?

Even at a celebrity art gala you can don an […]

#Time4aTimeLimit: The difference between prison and detention

This piece was written by Sam from the Freed Voices […]