Frontline Update: Freed Voices in Exeter


Over the last few months, the Freed Voices group – made up of experts-by-experience with over twenty years spent in immigration detention in the UK between them – have been travelling the length and breadth of the country calling on the government to end indefinite detention and commit to exploring alternatives. Dedicated to speaking out about the realities of detention and representing those who cannot, they have been busily giving television interviews, providing testimony in Parliament, and taking the front-pages of daily broadsheets by storm.

In this latest Frontline Update, we hear some choice-cuts from a speech given this week at the Exeter City of Sanctuary’s ‘Asylum Talks’ by Freed Voices member, Boone. As well as reflecting on the immediate and long-term psychological impact of indefinite detention, Boone also looks ahead to the May general election and the genuine potential for change. This audio starts with Boone describing his arrival at Dover Immigration Removal Centre…