Freed Voices

The Freed Voices group are a collective of experts-by-experience who have lost over 20 years between them to immigration detention in the UK. 

By drawing on their experiences in detention, the Freed Voices group hope to influence decision-makers and raise public awareness of immigration detention in the UK and the enormous human, and financial, costs it incurs.

What are the aims of the Freed Voices group?

  • To speak out about the realities of immigration detention in the UK;
  • To raise awareness of the long-term impacts of the government’s policy of indefinite detention;
  • To fight for detention reform.

What do the Freed Voices group do?

RRF Detention hearings 40 cpVery few members of the public have a full understanding of what immigration detention is and the detrimental impact it has on individuals, families and communities across the UK. Given this lack of understanding, public outreach is an integral part of Freed Voices’ work and members regularly speak to school children, university students, and members of faith, community and activist groups.

The media plays a central role in informing public debate and Freed Voices works with journalists and media outlets to both highlight the continuing practice of indefinite detention in the UK and to challenge popular misconceptions about those innocently incarcerated under immigration powers.

WANTCampaigning at the local and national level, the Freed Voices group also lends its voice to Detention Action campaigns. Currently, they are campaigning for an end to indefinite detention in the UK and the introduction of alternatives.

Freed Voices members also write their own blogs and produce regular Frontline Update podcasts.

You can find examples of Freed Voices most recent work, here.

If you would like a media/research interview with a member of the Freed Voices group or to invite them to come and speak about immigration detention at an event you are hosting, please contact Ben du Preez on 0207 226 3114 or